Marina photographed from the air

Keeping the overview

Ensure safety and order. Allocating berths. Settle harbour dues. Identifying free berths. It could be so simple. For example with marinaSCAN from SMBL. Because marinaSCAN determines occupancy data in real time and identifies free berths. This gives you and your team more time for craning boats, repairs, catering, fuel, storage and other services.

Central control of berths

  • More time for lucrative additional services
  • Paper lists are a thing of the past
  • Less telephone duty
  • No running down of jetties

The hardware

Sensor at the jettie

The sensor on the jetty consists of a marine weatherproof housing and works with various sensors. Via a connection to a Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRa) transmitter and receiver, relevant information is exchanged in a two-way communication.

Each module operates autonomously and does not require maintenance or battery replacement.

The software


The status of the berths is visible via the SMBL frontend or via interface in the port management software.

From here, the sensors can also be set manually to “free” or “occupied”. Of course, this can also be controlled automatically.