Marina photographed from the air

Maintain an overview

Ensure safety and order. Assign berths. Bill port charges. Identify free berths. It could be this easy. With SMBL, for example. Because SMBL obtains real-time occupancy data and identifies free berths. This provides you and your team with more time for crane handling, repairs, catering, fuel and storage.


Central berth management

  • More time for lucrative additional services
  • Paper lists become a thing of the past
  • Less time spent on the telephone
  • No need to walk the jetties

The hardware

Sensor at the jettie

The sensor on the jetty consists of a housing designed for marine weather and works with ultrasound in conjunction with a Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRa) transmitter and receiver.

Batteries provide a one-year power supply.

The software

SMBL Dashboard, die freien udn belegten Liegeplätze grafisch dargestellt

The status of the berths can be viewed using the SMBL front end or in the harbour management software via the interface.

The sensors can also be manually set to “free” or “occupied”.