Marina in the golden sunset

Increase yields

Do you want to achieve optimum utilisation of your marina? Generate more turnover? And have more time to offer lucrative additional services in your marina? If you can answer all these questions with “Yes!”, then “marinaSCAN” is exactly what you need.

Because SMBL

  • reduces the workload in the harbour master’s office
  • optimises capacity utilisation in the port
  • enables new sources of income

Here’s how it works:

After a one-time investment for the “marinaSCAN” modules, there is only the data service, which provides you with the annual operation of the system incl. all evaluation options at a favourable flat rate.

The term of the contracts is usually 5 years. After that, the system can be extended, new modern hardware can be used or it can be completely uninstalled.

SMBL equips marinas with the sensor network and configures the layout according to the berths to be included. With its own radio network (which does not burden the guest WLAN), the connection to the SMBL software in the cloud is created.

In the software, the configuration of the installation is taken over so that each sensor can be administered individually. The data from the sensors is transferred to various digital marketing platforms via the front end as well as via the API interface.

SMBL takes over the monitoring of the network and maintenance as part of the overall service. The use of the data from sensors and channel management (option) by the marina is included in the service package.

Your benefits


The port uses the data service and the SMBL provides the necessary hardware.


Connection to the port’s own software and external booking systems via standard interfaces. Alternatively, own SMBL frontend.


To prevent fixed wiring and thus damage due to weather and movement, the system is able to supply itself with energy.